About Pact Training

We provide PACT training to small or large groups,  to individuals, organisations and on an international platform. We ensure the strong evidence-based content is communicated with a friendly interactive approach.

PACT training consist of three levels:

Level 1 – Introduction to PACT (½ day digital e-learning)

A ½ day digital e-learning programme delivered by Hogrefe, with background theory and practical introduction materials. Registration via Hogrefe publisher please click here; valid for 12 months.

  • Suitable for a range of professionals to gain overall awareness of PACT (eg service leads, managers, education, health and social care organisations)
  • Necessary for progressing to the Level 2 PACT accreditation training

Level 2 – ‘PACT Practitioner’ Training (4 ½ days)

A 2-day PACT face-to-face training (including a PACT manual) followed by 2 ½ days equivalent PACT post-course supe

rvised practice in their clinical setting. Registration via the PACT website (www.pacttraining.co.uk).

  • Suitable for professionals wishing to administer PACT in clinical practice or in research.
  • Requirements: Practitioners must have undertaken Level 1 training.
  • Post-course work, Trainees submit 2 case videos of their PACT practice sessions consisting of the following:
    • adult-child play sessions,
    • therapist video review with the adult and video feedback,
    • goal setting,
    • a copy of the PACT written programme.
  • Senior UK PACT trainers provide supervision/feedback to trainees and fidelity rate practice PACT videos
  • Passing out achieves Level 2 PACT certification

Level 3 – Becoming a ‘PACT Trainer’

  • Suitable for professionals wishing to deliver PACT training in their local context and building partnerships between NHS Trusts and within communities.
  • Requirements: Professionals who are PACT certified and have delivered PACT with a minimum of 5 cases
  • Procedure:
  • Co-train a PACT 2-day course with a senior PACT trainer.
  • Co-fidelity rate 2 PACT post case videos with a senior UK PACT trainer.
  • Online trainee feedback is gathered to maintain quality standards.
  • Maintaining PACT fidelity through annual co-fidelity rating.

IMPACT receives registrations and provides trainers with training materials, support, fidelity rating and monitoring quality standards