Mission Statement

We are IMPACT (Interaction Methods for Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy) CIC, and we provide innovative solutions to help children with autism, and their families/ carers, communicate better. We work across the UK  and internationally to support those most in need.

We gain insight and values from parents and professionals on local needs and experience of PACT. Their feedback is invaluable in shaping our ongoing delivery and taking a lead in our future.

Our community-based approach is unique as we take the intervention out of specialist centres/ hospitals and into the child’s community and environment through our PACT training.

IMPACT Mission:

The maximum reach of social communication intervention for the benefit of children (and their families) with autism, to improve their communication skills and quality of life, driven by parent advocacy.

IMPACT provides training across different geographical and cultural locations.

Visit: https://youtu.be/eb-_4UkRXmA

The need for evidence based autism intervention :

  • Autism is a global priority health agenda.
  • There are 1 million children with autism aged 2-10 in the UK
  • The cost of autism is 3.2 billion per year (London School of Economics).
  • 1 in 4 people with autism speak few or no words throughout their life.
  • The impact of autism on family life is global – transcends country, culture, social, economic boundaries.
  • Language and communication in young children with autism is the best predictor of life chances (life skills, independent living, education, vocation, community ,inclusion).
  • The ability of the individual with autism to communicate their mental and physical health needs reduces challenging behaviour.

IMPACT CIC social enterprise can apply for grants, awards and receives donations to support it’s mission in cascading social communication intervention for the benefit of children living with autism in our communities.

To support IMPACT social enterprise, please contact us by email on pactcourses@gmail.com