Information for Commissioners

PACT is the first autism intervention rigorously tested to show sustained impact on reduction in autism symptoms in children. For a summary of evidence for PACT please click here

  1. PACT is the only social communication intervention  to have been rigorously tested in a UK Randomised Control Trial (RCT) in the NHS settings.
  2. PACT is a treatment method with a tool kit consisting of the PACT treatment manual, training materials, videos and other intervention materials. Step-by-step goals are identified following the six steps of the PACT manual.
  3. The Cost of providing PACT in an NHS / public sector service
    1. The only significant costs in providing PACT are the one-off costs of training health and care staff and the salary costs of those staff delivering the therapy course.
    2. The cost of providing PACT will largely depend on the arrangement of local NHS personnel. A range of different health and care professionals from NHS pay band 6 upwards can be trained to deliver PACT including: speech and language therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and specialist nurses.
    3. The cost of a PACT session in local Trusts is calculated at £45 per session, which compares favourably to similar outpatient appointments.
    4. The PACT trial demonstrated maximum benefit from 12 alternate weekly sessions, although further maintenance sessions are optional. Our current trial is exploring alternating face-to-face with Skype sessions to maximize efficiency.
    5. To register for PACT introduction e-learning training please click here


Indicative training costs £1,350
per professional
PACT accredited training for NHS staff, with supervised post-course fidelity and support.
or£800 PACT ‘train the trainer’ certified course.
Indicative delivery cost £45-95
per child per session
depending on local services
18 contact hours (12 x 90 minute sessions) with a trained speech and language therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, specialist teacher or specialist nurse at salary band 6 and above.
Other costs £0 Existing toy equipment, smartphone or cameras can be used for video feedback.

Existing toys or household objects can be used for play interaction.