Meet the Team

IMPACT (Interaction Method for Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy) CIC

An award winning intervention for children with autism and autism spectrum – PACT (Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy)

Professor Jonathan Green (Director)

Jonathan is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Manchester and Honorary Child Psychiatrist at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH). He is a clinician with over 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents with autism and their families, both in the context of community outpatients and also in complex inpatient environments. He leads the Social Development Clinic at RMCH, a specialist referral clinic offering multidisciplinary “one-stop shop” assessment of complex cases and treatment innovation.

His research work within autism and social development has spanned genetics, clinical studies of comorbidity, early parent-child interaction, autism after early neglect and maltreatment, and treatment innovation and testing; including many years of close work with Catherine Aldred on the PACT programme. Jonathan is a Senior Investigator within the National Institute of Health Research, sat on the NICE guideline development group for autism treatment (2013) and the curriculum development group on autism and learning disability for the Children and Young People’s IAPT. He has been an associate editor of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Alongside his medical work, Jonathan is a painter with several exhibitions to his name, and a keen cyclist and walker.

Dr. Catherine Aldred (Director)

Catherine is a consultant therapist specialist in autism communication treatments and director of IMPACT. She developed pioneering autism intervention based on her PhD, over 35 years clinical experience and research into the communication needs of children with autism based at the University of Manchester. She has undertaken over 13 years of collaborative partnership with 3 leading UK centres involved in world leading research trials and led to the development of PACT. Catherine has worked in the NHS for 35 years, in a range of settings including a CAMHS service, clinics and nursery/schools.

Catherine has dedicated her work to enable people with autism to have a ‘voice’ where their communication is better understood by the important people around them and in their community.

Catherine continues to progress quality measures and intervention methods through feedback representing the priorities, values, needs and wishes of individuals with autism and their families. Catherine is a UK and international PACT trainer and works collaboratively with centres taking PACT into the community.

Outside work Catherine loves hiking, dog walking, yoga and camping.

Hannah Danvers (training coordinator)

Hannah is a highly specialist therapist in communication treatment for children with autism and is a training coordinator for IMPACT, developing partnership work with communities including NHS and public sector to extend PACT training within the UK and internationally. She is also a PACT trainer and supervises other professionals in developing expert PACT skills. Hannah graduated as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2010 and since this time, has worked in a range of settings including specialist educational provisions for children with autism, CAMHS and a child development unit, providing assessment and intervention for children with social communication difficulties.

In her leisure time Hannah enjoys biking, walking and yoga. She also loves to travel.