PACT Testimonials

We seek the independent views, values, priorities and feedback from individuals, parents and professionals. Here is their feedback to us:

It was a complete revelation to me, watching the video which illuminated moments of interaction with my child that I had previously missed. I now know when and how to respond in a way that harmonises with him. PACT strikes a chord with my understanding and sense of him. Talking through what I see on the video really helps me gain new insights, a true understanding so we can be on the same page and communicate better together.


Reflecting on the video was like looking through a magnifier, I could see so much more, now I feel I know him better, I’m more skilled in interacting and communication with him. You have changed our lives.


PACT-trained therapists filmed me playing with him and we looked at the footage after. It was amazing to see details that you would otherwise miss. Watching the video and discussing with the therapist what led to a good interaction enabled me to ‘fine tune’ how I was with him in order to enable him to feel calm, like his motivations were being validated, and therefore more able to communicate.’ ‘If something worked well, we’d discuss how to make that happen again, and to develop it. It was a really positive experience.

(Parent, Teacher)

PACT harmonises with my approach to communication intervention, supporting parent/ carer skills in seeing imperceptible moments of interaction and communication. PACT fulfills the need to support and extend parent/carer existing skills and equip them with the confidence and self-efficacy they need in becoming a future advocate for their child’s differences.

(Professional psychologist)

When I first saw how he came to you, the expert, I was envious, he had connection with you, but now I have it, I have the connection and I feel so fulfilled.


When I look back at the video, to notice the tiny gestures he used and then PACT helped me a lot, really helped me a lot, I think that I get back something, after leaving something here. I learnt a lot here and now I am more fulfilled, I don’t know why… I think this PACT helped me a lot, I feel more connected with him.

(Parent in Hong Kong)

It is really touching today, really touching. I have never had this kind of feeling before; he was leading me this kind of play style has never happened before. I think its’ quite magical, despite his ability and language difficulties he has just opened his protective cover. Originally there was this protective cover, but now it keeps opening a little more, a little more progressively. The feeling is like he’s more open than before and it’s like we have mutual understanding. The interaction today occurred in this magical space. This was quite remarkable, he really knows he is communicating with me today, the dynamic communication today.


He is like… my assumption is, when he wants to get the interaction, he knocks on a door and then you open it, it is his way of getting the interaction. In the past I thought it is meaningless, but now I think that he has some meaning in it, together with his expression, I know that he wanted to find something. He means something. So yes for this time I don’t know why, I feel the happiness, of playing with him together. It was like I am the narrator for the movie, for he is the creator, like a documentary, seems like I am observing it and he is creating it. But now I can feel that I am playing with him, with a stronger feeling”….”He knew that you understand him, you knew it, and these are all in his expressions.


I really enjoyed the course and found all elements really helpful. The opportunities to discuss the videos and each stage of the process, alongside practical application via role plays really cemented my learning. I am looking forward to using the model practically.


This was a well developed and presented training. It was wonderful! very informative and interesting. Presenter was so knowledgeable and responsive to all questions. The manual is extremely useful. A great experience!

(Speech and language therapist)