PACT (Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy) Training

We are pleased to announce the next PACT training courses:


  • 19 – 20 November 2020 UK ONLINE
  • 25 – 26 November 2020 France ONLINE
  • 16 – 17 January 2021 UK ONLINE
  • 12 – 13 March 2021 Hong Kong ONLINE
  • 15 – 16 March 2021 UK ONLINE
  • 12 – 13 June 2021 UK ONLINE


  • 13 – 16 October 2020 (4 x half days) Perth Australia – ONLINE

Group training is available on request in both the UK and internationally. The live online training  is  identical  to face-to-face training using Zoom.

For the PACT professional flyer please click here; For the PACT parent flyer please click here . For more information on PACT research please click here

PACT Registration – Please complete the online registration form here.

Level 1 – PACT e-learning  course (½ day). Registration with Hogrefe Publishers click here

Level 2 – Accredited PACT training. (2-day PACT face-to-face (or online) training + 2 ½ days PACT supervised post course practice). Registration by completing the form on this page, select register for Level 2 PACT training, select the date, click to submit and you will receive an email confirmation.

Level 1 – PACT (½ day e-learning- £299)

  • Suitable for a wide range of professionals wishing to gain awareness of PACT (including teaching assistants, service leads, managers, organisations involved in education, health and social care).
  • Requirement for Level 2 accreditation.
  • PACT e-learning includes an introduction to PACT, watching video clips of the 6 PACT stages and completing tasks for each stage and remains live for 6 months.
  • Level 1 PACT certificate is issued on completion of the PACT e-learning.

Level 2 – Accredited PACT Training (2 days + 2 ½ days £1,050)

Face-to-face or online training course:

  • Suitable for professionals wishing to administer PACT in clinical practice or in research (psychologists, psychiatrists, speech and language therapists, specialist teachers, therapists, social workers) who are trained and experienced in the social communication needs of children with autism of 2-10 years of age.
  • All trainees must have undertaken Level 1 PACT training and certification. For professionals waiting for Health funding, they may  complete Level 1 after completing Level 2 training.
  • A  2 day face-to-face or online PACT training course (including a PACT manual).
  • The PACT 2-day course provides comprehensive training on all aspects of PACT, the background, theoretical and practical stages of PACT.
  • Online training involves delegates joining a Zoom conference call from their chosen base and complete identical training to the face-to-face course.
  • Delegates practice video observation, analysis and feedback methods, measuring communication goals, PACT therapy strategies and criteria for moving to the next stage of the PACT manual.
  • On completing the PACT 2-day training, professionals will be equipped to administer PACT post-course practice in their work context.

PACT post-course practice work/ fidelity (2 ½ days)

  • PACT post-course practice work is essential for all professionals who wish to gain full accreditation to administer PACT in clinical practice or in research.
  • Delegates submit 2 case videos of  PACT practice sessions.
  • Each practice case videos consists of i) adult-child play session, ii) therapist video review with the adults and feedback, iii) goal setting, iv) a PACT written programme.
  • Senior UK PACT trainers provide supervision/ feedback to trainees and fidelity rate practice PACT videos.
  • If trainees do not pass fidelity on their second practice video, there is an additional fee of £300 to fidelity rate a third video and provide extra trainer supervision.

PACT Training Discounted Rates

Level 1 discounts available on NHS group bookings of five or more delegates together. Please email to learn more and to book your group.

Level 2 discounts are available, supported by our social enterprise IMPACT CIC as follows; please email info@pacttraining to book your group:

  • 15% discount for NHS and public sector professionals;
  • an extra 5% discount for a block booking of 5 or more professionals booking together from one organisation

PACT group training is available in different countries and locations upon request.

IMPACT (Interaction Method for Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy)
PACT Office
University of Manchester
Room 3.316 Jean McFarlane Building
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PACT (Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy) Training Course